Thursday, September 23, 2010

SFTIO Blog Hop!

Good morning!! I hope you all have been having a wonderful week! Today is the Blog Hop for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out!!! So exciting, right?! We want YOU to win this beautiful kit - ENLIGHTENMENT....

So what you have to do is go through the DT's blogs, leave a comment to better your chances at winning, and 'like' SFTIO on facebook. Easy Peasy right?

For me Enlightenment is a state of mind, a state of MY mind at least. So I created this LO with that entire concept. Something that is enlightening to me might not be so to you. So I journaled about that, about what enlightenment meant to me, in my own personal life. I have edited my picture by washing it out to create a sense of peace as well as left a lot of white space to represent the calmness I feel that comes along with being enlightened.

It's a simple LO, but represents so much to ME, and that's what SFTIO is all about! Creating meaningful LO's that speak to yourself :)

Once you have left a comment here then head on over to the beautiful Nancy's blog for another chance to win! Good luck!!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scrapbooking From the Inside Out Blog Hop Tomorrow

Tomorrow is an exciting day! Scrapbooking From the Inside Out is having a blog hop!!! That means that YOU could win the beautiful September kit - ENLIGHTENMENT!! So make sure to come back tomorrow and leave a comment on all the DT's blogs as well as SFTIO's blog for even more chances to win :)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Experiences - SFTIO Reveal #2 - Enlightenment

Hello Beautiful people! Amy here....yes, I know I have been gone for a bit...sorry! Life has a way of keeping me super busy these days!! Today I have my second reveal for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out. Have I told you all how much I absolutely LOVE the colors in this months kit: Enlightenment?! I wish I could just take the kit and turn it into an outfit....I mean it would fit right in with my current wardrobe already :)

For this LO I focused on Life Experiences and how you learn from those. For me, life experiences are one of lives most in your face ways of learning....and seriously you learn!!! I have seen this tearing and layering technique around here and there and wanted to try my hand at it! I LOVE the way it turned out, especially with these muted colors. I did something a bit different and added punched layers and then stained all the paper with a new favorite - Walnut Crystals! So, if you ever get bored and have lots of scraps....just tear them up and slap em' on a piece of paper :) It is a stress reliever too!!! lol
SFTIO always has beautiful and unique product in their kits.....I mean, check out that flower!! I wish I had 10 more of them. And the cream wax seal - love!
Personal life experiences are always one of a kind. I have learned so much through my own life experiences. The kind of knowledge you can't learn in a text book. You have to experience them first hand. Learn from them and have a personal understanding as to how those experiences could or should...or should not apply to your life in the future. These can mold you into the you you need to be.

Do you have any experiences in your life that has helped mold you into who you are today? Something that you will never forget? I encourage you to scrap about it, get it on paper. It may not be something that you want to share, but I promise you, anything....good or bad....that has helped make you who you are today is a beautiful lesson in itself!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ignorance Not so Bliss - SFTIO Reveal #1 - Enlightenment

It's the 1st of the month...that means it's reveal day for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out! I have been waiting FOREVER to share this kit. It's absolutely remarkable. The colors alone make you gravitate to it, not to mention it is freakin' loaded with delicious product! Seriously, I would eat it! The emotion we are focusing on this month is ENLIGHTENMENT. This kit is all about looking beneath the surface at what moves you, at what spiritual expressions have shaped your path. Beautiful, exotic designs, rich color and meaningful symbolism will light your way.

Here is the first of many LO's I have created with the Enlightenment kit:


To be so blissfully ignorant in some situations is something that I have chosen for myself. Why? Because sometimes it is easier to just not know the truth. It's a guarding mechanism I have created for myself. The truth can sometimes hurt just as bad as it can be good. So I hide in the shadows, eyes closed to certain realities because it's easier to face my self-indulgent perception. This is definitely something I am not so proud of. There is nothing enlightening about playing ignorant. I need to open my eyes and learn truths.

If you are interested in purchasing this FABULOUS kit and exploring your inner emotions you can go here and Rachel will get one right out to you!!!


Friday, August 27, 2010

ScrapBiking is what I've been doing

So, there isn't much scrapbooking going on here at the moment because I have been ScrapBIKING with my husband! As many of you know, building bikes is something that the DH and I love to do. It all started off as his passion and somewhere along the way I grew an interest in it as well....Well, more for the design of the bike than the overall mechanics. I will leave all that mumble-jumble for the DH! This month we started on a bike that I have been thinking about for quite sometime now, and I was super excited to dig in and get my hands a little dirty. We have a bunch of parts laying around that we have took off other bikes, that we have ordered and decided that we no longer needed, or that we have picked up at the local bike meets. My idea was to take all these parts and up cycle them to create one AWESOME bike! I absolutely do not like things to get wasted :)

Here she is in the just getting started stages: Just a Rigid frame, primered gas tank bought really cheaply on eBay, and a raw seat pan.
(Don't you just love what Travis has done with my deep freezer?! He says all the paint adds character....I say "Hmm, OK dear")
For the paint job I wanted to keep! All it took was 4 cans of spray paint in 4 different colors: Light grey primer, dark grey primer, black, and red. Look at me sanding away :)
Still sanding! Don't you just love candid shots. Look a Chai tea!
Here is the tank finished! It got painted in layers and then I sanded down the layers to give it an aged distressed look. It's an acquired taste.....or so I am told. I think it rocks!

Rear fender that I just finished up. This fender was another eBay find! It's not mounted yet, but it's getting done right now - so excited!
This seat happens to be one of my favorite things on the bike. Can you believe I actually covered this myself?! I still can't believe it. It only took 4 hours....3 of which were dedicated to doing some fancy Mexican Basket weave stitch to hold it together. MY. FINGERS. WERE. RAW. for days. The Ostrich leather was bought at a local Tandy Leather store for a whopping 3 dollars!
Here she is as she sat in the yard today (before I finished sanding the fender). We still have a long way to go in building her....BUT it's been fun so far! Not to mention a wonderful project for the DH and I to spend some quality time together! Ladies, you know a man loves you when he doesn't kick you out of his garage when he asks for a torque wrench and you have no idea what he is talking about.....Or any other tool for that matter! lol Travis is doing his part as well. Like I said he is working on the mechanics, like rebuilding the motor and whatnot's :) Guy stuff!
Hopefully we will have most of her done soon. I would love to see her running within the next month. We shall see what time allows us now that Travis has returned to work!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Want to win the Discovery kit from SFTIO?

Then head on over to Donna Downey's blog and simply tell her what you would like to DISCOVER about yourself! It's as simple as that! She will be choosing a winner tomorrow morning, so hop on over and join in on the fun! And thank you for your continuous support of Scrapbooking From the Inside Out!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No More Chances - Dirty Scraps

The new challenge is now live at Dirty Scraps! For this challenge you are being asked to create a LO based on the thought 'Your Love Hurts Me'. Now this prompt is a little difficult, one that will require you to dig deep and just lay it all out there. In my life I am one who doesn't really allow people to hurt me, and if I have been hurt I am the type of person to hold it in and never let it be known. There are very few people that know this about me and can tell when I am hurting over something someone has said to me. One of those people is my DH. Bless this man, he tries to protect me from said encounters and people. There is only one circumstance in my life that just jumped out at me when I started this project and that being one with my 'best' friend.......

The challenge:
Your Love Hurts Me
It's funny how people hurt the ones they love the most.
Sometimes is it so toxic you have to cut them off, sometimes you
can handle it but it's a daily struggle, sometimes you just avoid it
altogether. This challenge is all about those who love to hurt you
or just blindly hurt you while saying "I love you".
No it might not be intentional, but it still hurts.
Maybe it's the sister who constantly says how horrible your
children are, or the friend who always criticizes your weight.
Or the parent who only sees their child who makes mistakes
and does not acknowledge your accomplishments.
It's ok to see the pain, and it's ok to still love them.
It's therapeutic to be aware!

Now go get Dirty!

No More Chances:

Our July Sponsor Keller's Creations was so generous and sent the DT some amazing products to work with. So I wanted to use as much as possible in this LO! All the circles (except the yellow) are from Keller's Creations. I used gesso and embedded the circles into it to create a 3Dish background!

Also from Kellers Creations are these white little frames I used to create this hidden pop out journaling spot. I am not one to use hidden journaling, but I felt on this LO it just needed to be hidden for design purposes.

Having a child at 18 really puts into perspective who your true friends are in life. There were a few people who I had thought were forever friends, but as soon as I had a child and was no longer able to be the 'Amy' I once was, they distanced themselves from me. What hurt the most is that they still claim to be one of my best friends. All the while talking crap behind my back. I overlooked it over and over. Guess What? NO MORE 'one more chances' with me. YES!!! I had a child at a very young age. Do I regret it? Hell NO! It caused me to finally grow up and learn to appreciate life so much more. I'm actually sorry our friendship is over, but having people in my life that don't support me when they said they always would is not something I want. I want my kids to value friendship - TRUE friendship. You hurt me far too many times. NO MORE.

This challenge is being sponsored by Scrappy Jo's! Come on over and play along with us....we would love to see you get Dirty!!!