Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dirty Scraps & Candy Shoppe Designs Reveals

Yes, yes, I am a little behind with posting these, I know. I have gotten so wrapped up in spending every free moment with the DH that it slipped my mind to pre-post like I normally would do. We have had an amazing time this past 2 weeks and I hate to see him leave again tomorrow, but I live for the day that he will be home for good. When we can have our Big Daddy back in our lives full-time! July can not come fast enough for me. But I have missed you guys!! It feels good to be back in my bloggy world, and I can't wait to surf around and see what you have all been up to these last few weeks!

This LO is for Dirty Scraps challenge #6. You are being asked to scrap an 'Oh boy, What was I thinking' moment in your life. I chose to scrap about a time in my life when I had a playful Alter-Ego of 'Gangsta'. It was a joke among friends. We all dressed up as Gangsta's for Halloween and made some random comment on our Myspace pages about being Gangsta's in our awesome ghetto lingo. I honestly could not even tell you what status update said because it was that lame....but a few days after posting this Status update I had the police at my door questioning my stupidity! I mean seriously....WOW! I was told that the Gangsta status wasn't something to flaunt and I should rethink what I post online....OK. In all honesty I think it's hilarious & is a joke among girlfriends that will live on in my mind forever! But just to be safe, in the future I will only pretend to be a Ninja. ;)

Head on over to Dirty Scraps and play along with us! I would love to hear about your 'What was I thinking' moment!

This LO is for Candy Shoppe Designs - Monochromatic Green challenge. You are being asked to create just that...a monochromatic LO using the color green! Boy did I have fun with this. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I like a good challenge! When I first got the challenge I knew that I wanted to use this picture of my DS wearing his favorite color, green!

If you want to take on this challenge please head on over to Candy Shoppe Designs and show us what you've got! This month's prize is a Goodie Bag from Wild Olive Kids filled with Scrapbook Supplies. Now that's one awesome prize!!

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out what I've been up to. Within the next few days I will be back full time again :) I am now off to spend one last night with my man! I hope you all are having a magnificent week thus far!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Circle Explosion - MOSD style!

Hello bloggy friends! I am currently 'OUT' of the blog office, but have this pre-scheduled so I can share with you my newest MOSD project! This month I wanted to focus on circles, just circles. This is something that I would never had attempted in the past, but once I saw this fabulous Circle Intricacy I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I filled in all the circle cut outs with patterned papers to add some more visual interest and then mounted the entire 11x11 Intricasy onto Kraft cardstock. I like that by outlining the Intricasy it allows it to 'pop' right off the bg!

The big circle is a MOSD Perfectly Shaped - Circle. It's made of chipboard and is 6in in diameter. The perfect size!! I covered it in a book page by using a Spray Adhesive and trimming off the excess paper with my Xacto knife. This has come to be one of my favorite ways to cover chipboard. Another thing that I love is the MOSD Journal bits. I used one in black by simply applying it on the green cardstock. These journal spots are fabulous. They add that special touch to your journaling (not to mention make you write in a straight line, which is always a problem for me!!)

Thanks for joining me today in my Circle Explosion project, which I think might now be a Circle Obsession! I hope you all are having a beautiful few weeks! I am just beginning my time at home with the DH back - we have 2 weeks!! I know they are going to fly by too fast though and we will have to say goodbye again....BUT it's good to have a hand to hold for now!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock Star Chicka - BMS Hardware challenge

Have you ever come across a challenge that you just could not NOT do?! I did a few days ago, and it has had me spending too much time in my DH's garage. Thank goodness that he is not home or I would hear a lot of complaining. His garage to him is like my scrap room is to don't go in there without consent!! If I ever feel bad about spending too much money on scrappy supplies I just go open the garage door and look in - that cures it. Seriously, we collect paper, he collects wreches and ratchets. Anywho, I found so much fun stuff in there to play with. Which leads me to the challenge I am sneaking around in the garage for :)

Blue Moon Scrapbooking is currently holding a 'Hardware' challenge over on their DT blog.

Here are the details:
You live in a rural County, in fact so rural the closest scrapbooking store is many miles away and you get the chance to shop only once in a while. You shop online normally, at… joy, oh joy...Blue Moon Scrapbooking!! On a whimsy, your neighbor says “I’m going to town, want a lift?” Well, you hop in and the neighbor says “I’ll drop you off and pick you up in a bit”. Fabulous – except you have been dropped off at the hardware store with only cardboard shapes, nuts and bolts, wire and mesh… available. Time to push the creativity button as you work with the supplies from the hardware store.

OMGoodness!!! How fun! Hardware I used include: Black mesh, wire, washers in various sizes, black sandpaper, cardboard heart, paint, and calking (which was used to create the textured bg paper). Now I need to go clean up his garage a bit because the man will be home for R&R on Monday for 2 whole weeks!!! I am over the moon excited. We haven't seen him in over 8 months so this is much needed family time :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping go hug those loved ones!!!!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tutorial - Custom Corrigated Alphas

Hello fellow bloggers!! Today I have a very quick and easy tutorial for you on how to create your very own corrigated cardboard alphas. I have been looking at the Jillibean Soup ones for months....and months, but I have not been able to bring myself to actually buy them. Why? Because they are cardboard, something that I love and something that I have all over my house. So one day I just thought to myself - Make your own, and that's exactly what I did :) But first I am going to show you one of the fastest ways to strip that pesky layer of paper off cleanly so we can get to that coveted corrigated bliss!
All we need for this is a bowl of water, a paper towl and your cardboard.
First we just dip our paper towl into the water. Make sure to get it really saturated with water.
Then just wet the cardboard really well and let it sit for about 15-20 seconds. Long enough to loosen the paper.
Start off in one corner and begin to lift the paper carefully. If you notice it isn't coming up very easily then add more water.
When you are pulling the paper off make sure to do it following the lines. The paper is glued to each individual raised corrigation, so this is the easiest way to do it. If you do it against the lines then it typically creates a mess!
As you are lifting the paper keep adding water.
And there you have it. A nice clean piece of corrigated cardboard to work with!
Now on to the letters. All we have to do it cut the cardboard to fit our cricut matt and run it through like you normally would. I set my settings to shadow because I like the thicker look. Also...I used a deep cut blade which works better for thicker products. I have used a normal blade, but have had to go back in with my Xacto knife to finish the cuts. So if you don't mind the extra bit of work the regular cricut blade works as well!
And here is my corrigated name all popped out!
These are a few different words that I have cut in various sizes. What I love about this is that you can cut your letters any size, any font that YOU want! And then use as is or you can paint them, ink them, make em' pretty in any way you want! Also another thing that I love is how the letters take on a different look depending on how you turn your cardboard before cutting. The 2 words on top are cut vertically with the lines while the 2 on bottom are cut horizontally! So cool!
And there you have it....Your very own custom Corrigated Letters!!! Have fun :)


Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's Go Green! Candy Shoppe Designs and Dotty Divas Reveal!

March, one of my all time favorite months ever. It's the month where green is the color of choice. Where being Irish (even just a wee bit) takes center stage and ones fear of little leprechauns is one step closer to becoming a reality as opposed to myth. Seriously, I don't care how cute those little men are, and their promise of a pot of gold just doesn't do it for me either. Of course none of this has anything to do with being forced by my brother's to watch the movie 'Leprechaun' numerous times....I swear!! But most of all I love the month of March because it's the month that I met my husband and he asked me to be his girl. It's the month that I got to start wearing his Letter Jacket around school and permanently retired mine to the back of the closet. We still have those letter jackets due to the fact that I am one of those people that hate to throw something perfectly useful out. Which brings me to these next few LO's!!

First we have Candy Shoppe Designs
Challenge: Go Green
Think it's garbage? Think again! The Lollipop Girls of C.S.D. are challenging you Sweethearts to use everyday items from around your house that you wouldn't normally use on your LO's and use them! Items such as cardboard, duct tape, dryer sheets, you name it!St. Patrick's Day is coming up and we thought it would be fun to "GO GREEN" for the environment in honor of the holiday. So join us as we turn our trash into treasure.

Here is the LO I created for this challenge:
This LO was seriously FUN. I have been having a huge problem lately with wanting to create my own BG's for LO's as you have probably already noticed!! But it's just so much fun and once I get an idea I HAVE to do it. On this LO I recycled a bunch of paperclips that the DH always brings home from work. I swear I have thousands of them and they have just been sitting there. I also recycled cardboard, coffee filters for the flowers, and newspaper for the leaves.

We would love to see you over at Candy Shoppe Designs and have you play along. And with a prize like this from WILD OLIVE KIDS filled with Scrapbook goodies how could you not want to be in it to win it?! You have until 14 March to get your 'Green' project turned in via Mr. Linky on the Candy Shoppe Designs blog!

Next up is Dotty Divas. Again it's all about going green!! Take a look at the Advert inspiration for this challenge:

Here is my LO for this Ad challenge:
Going Green is just what I took from the Ad, for you it may be something completely different. That's what is so great about having a piece of inspiration to work from. Everyone has their own style, their own interpretation, and I love seeing that! This LO is mostly recycled product. For the BG I used a shopping bag from the mall, the letters are newspaper, the flower is newspaper and a walmart sack, of course we have cardboard (I heart Cardboard), and the arrows and earth are from a pamphlet the girls brought home from school.
If you would like to play along with this Challenge we would love to have you! All Projects are due by 14 March to be in the running for the prize donated by one of our very own DT members!!