Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dirty Scraps & Candy Shoppe Designs Reveals

Yes, yes, I am a little behind with posting these, I know. I have gotten so wrapped up in spending every free moment with the DH that it slipped my mind to pre-post like I normally would do. We have had an amazing time this past 2 weeks and I hate to see him leave again tomorrow, but I live for the day that he will be home for good. When we can have our Big Daddy back in our lives full-time! July can not come fast enough for me. But I have missed you guys!! It feels good to be back in my bloggy world, and I can't wait to surf around and see what you have all been up to these last few weeks!

This LO is for Dirty Scraps challenge #6. You are being asked to scrap an 'Oh boy, What was I thinking' moment in your life. I chose to scrap about a time in my life when I had a playful Alter-Ego of 'Gangsta'. It was a joke among friends. We all dressed up as Gangsta's for Halloween and made some random comment on our Myspace pages about being Gangsta's in our awesome ghetto lingo. I honestly could not even tell you what status update said because it was that lame....but a few days after posting this Status update I had the police at my door questioning my stupidity! I mean seriously....WOW! I was told that the Gangsta status wasn't something to flaunt and I should rethink what I post online....OK. In all honesty I think it's hilarious & is a joke among girlfriends that will live on in my mind forever! But just to be safe, in the future I will only pretend to be a Ninja. ;)

Head on over to Dirty Scraps and play along with us! I would love to hear about your 'What was I thinking' moment!

This LO is for Candy Shoppe Designs - Monochromatic Green challenge. You are being asked to create just that...a monochromatic LO using the color green! Boy did I have fun with this. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I like a good challenge! When I first got the challenge I knew that I wanted to use this picture of my DS wearing his favorite color, green!

If you want to take on this challenge please head on over to Candy Shoppe Designs and show us what you've got! This month's prize is a Goodie Bag from Wild Olive Kids filled with Scrapbook Supplies. Now that's one awesome prize!!

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out what I've been up to. Within the next few days I will be back full time again :) I am now off to spend one last night with my man! I hope you all are having a magnificent week thus far!!



  1. Great layouts, Amy! The gangsta story is hilarious - I can't believe the police take something like that to heart! And I love the stitching on your second layout!

    It must be so hard to see your husband go; I'm glad you have us here to keep you company in the meantime. Is your husband coming back for good in July?

  2. really cool layouts!! love the story behind the first one!! :)

  3. These LO's are soooo amazing!!! Love the story behind the first LO! You are such a Ninja!! ;) Glad you had a great time with your husband being home. It must be so hard to wait for July. I am always in awe of the strength of military wives and family. My DH was in the RCMP for 25 years, but that is nothing in comparison to what you ladies go through. I will keep you in my thoughts. :)

  4. That gangsta story is hilarious!!! And the layout is awesome!!! Glad you are enjoying your time with your hubby:-)

  5. Oh-no! Just one more night?! That R&R went by fast didn't it? Hope you enjoyed every minute of it! Great LO's as always! Cute Gangsta story! LOL