Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No More Chances - Dirty Scraps

The new challenge is now live at Dirty Scraps! For this challenge you are being asked to create a LO based on the thought 'Your Love Hurts Me'. Now this prompt is a little difficult, one that will require you to dig deep and just lay it all out there. In my life I am one who doesn't really allow people to hurt me, and if I have been hurt I am the type of person to hold it in and never let it be known. There are very few people that know this about me and can tell when I am hurting over something someone has said to me. One of those people is my DH. Bless this man, he tries to protect me from said encounters and people. There is only one circumstance in my life that just jumped out at me when I started this project and that being one with my 'best' friend.......

The challenge:
Your Love Hurts Me
It's funny how people hurt the ones they love the most.
Sometimes is it so toxic you have to cut them off, sometimes you
can handle it but it's a daily struggle, sometimes you just avoid it
altogether. This challenge is all about those who love to hurt you
or just blindly hurt you while saying "I love you".
No it might not be intentional, but it still hurts.
Maybe it's the sister who constantly says how horrible your
children are, or the friend who always criticizes your weight.
Or the parent who only sees their child who makes mistakes
and does not acknowledge your accomplishments.
It's ok to see the pain, and it's ok to still love them.
It's therapeutic to be aware!

Now go get Dirty!

No More Chances:

Our July Sponsor Keller's Creations was so generous and sent the DT some amazing products to work with. So I wanted to use as much as possible in this LO! All the circles (except the yellow) are from Keller's Creations. I used gesso and embedded the circles into it to create a 3Dish background!

Also from Kellers Creations are these white little frames I used to create this hidden pop out journaling spot. I am not one to use hidden journaling, but I felt on this LO it just needed to be hidden for design purposes.

Having a child at 18 really puts into perspective who your true friends are in life. There were a few people who I had thought were forever friends, but as soon as I had a child and was no longer able to be the 'Amy' I once was, they distanced themselves from me. What hurt the most is that they still claim to be one of my best friends. All the while talking crap behind my back. I overlooked it over and over. Guess What? NO MORE 'one more chances' with me. YES!!! I had a child at a very young age. Do I regret it? Hell NO! It caused me to finally grow up and learn to appreciate life so much more. I'm actually sorry our friendship is over, but having people in my life that don't support me when they said they always would is not something I want. I want my kids to value friendship - TRUE friendship. You hurt me far too many times. NO MORE.

This challenge is being sponsored by Scrappy Jo's! Come on over and play along with us....we would love to see you get Dirty!!!



  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwww! This is AMAZING Amy!! I love love love the journaling and loving all the circles and the misting!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Loving the vibrant colours in this Amy! The frame is the perfect embellishment! Yeah, I have had a few of those "best" friends in my life too. At 46, I find myself somewhat jaded towards the whole friendship thing. Not so good I guess but I have been burned too many times.

  3. what an awesome page - love all the circles and misting :D

  4. WOWZERZ ~ ok..i'm totally diggin the design of your lo...those colors are scrumptious

    and 'you go girl' on the journaling ~ very powerful and well said!