Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today I have my first August Reveal for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out. This month we are exploring Discovery and how that applies to our past, present, and future. What are things that you have discovered or want to discover? Maybe you have discovered a way to overcome those fears to move on to a better place in life. Maybe you have discovered something about yourself that you never thought possible. Maybe you even discovered the perfect recipe for that German Chocolate cake! Every discovery that we make in life, whether it be good or bad, has a place, has a meaning....and that's what we are exploring this month!

For my first adventure in Discovery I wanted to create a LO about how 'all the little things' add up to create something much bigger, referring to my relationship with the DH.


Growing up I always thought that when I fell in love it would be like all the fairy tales. My love would be picture perfect, without problems, without inhibitions. It would be one huge gesture of perfection wrapped up in two people that couldn’t live without each other, white picket fence and all. To be in love with my very own Prince Charming is every little girls dream come true. As I grew up I have discovered that love is not a fairy tale, it’s not just one huge gesture of overall life completion. Love is a combination of all the little things added together that creates a life with that one person that you can’t imagine living without. Love is having the ability to fall in love with you over and over again, deeper in love each and every time. Love is two people growing together, learning life together, compromising, and always having the ability to say you’re sorry and actually mean it. Love for me is having you know me so well that you mail me Carmex from Afghanistan because you know I always forget to buy it for myself. Love is waking up in the morning to a pizza bagel on the night stand and a text that says “Enjoy babe”. Love is not being able to sleep without you beside me because I miss your cold feet resting on my legs. Love is our children who bring us so much joy, and our undying love we share for them. Love is just being happy sitting on the couch watching a random late night TV show. Love is that one look you give me that just makes me melt. Love is so many things. I could go on forever about the little things that make our love ours. You are love. We are love. I knew at 15 that you were the man for me and 13 years later I still know this. We may not be Prince Charming and his Princess, but we are so much more.


This kit is FILLED with amazing product. Featuring Little Yellow Bicycle 'Pack your Bags' and Bo Bunny 'Mama-razzi'.
Yummy embellishments too! Thickers, Flowers, printed ribbon, chipboard, and MUCH more!!
Speaking of Discovering... I have realized quite a few things the past few weeks......

1.)Having your Internet go down really doesn't do wonders for ones nail biting habit. I need a manicure bad.

2.)Blackberry's aren't as cool as one might think, unless I am just that special that I couldn't figure out how to access web sites and get them to load....

3.)My DH leaving his freshly shaved facial hair in the sink is causing me to go crazy. Daily.

4.)Not having Internet made me actually scrap MORE :) I guess there was a silver lining after all.

5.) When did my dog get allergies???

6.)Wanting to cook again is requiring more patience than I expected. Why can't my DH just eat mac-n-cheese? The kids love it :)

7.)Reese's Whipps are REALLY delicious and I should stop buying them.

8.)Twilight movies are getting to be disappointing. I think I should have read the books AFTER seeing all the movies, not before. I am not on team Edward, or Jacob. I am on team 'get me out of this theatre with all these yappy little teeny boppers before I blow a gasket...where are my migraine meds?' Yep, that's my new team. You can join me if you want!

9.) I should really consider cleaning out my car more often. I did so this morning and found something very important hiding under my son's car seat. BUTTONS! Buttons that I had thought were mailed, but apparently not. Also hiding in the dark abyss were 3 half eaten chicken nuggets, my spare house key, 7 hot wheels, a barbie comb, a pair of gloves, and one scooby doo house slipper. Wow, what a kid. The Buttons ARE mailed now, expect them soon. Sorry, as I hold my head in shame :(

10.) Last but definitely not least....I have discovered that my DH thinks I am not nice, and he loves it. He was helping out a buddy today with some car issues, he came home and said "Wow, his wife was nice. I mean overly nice...Too nice. Amy, you would drive me insane if you were that nice." Thanks dear......I think.....



  1. awesome lo!!! love love love your journaling!!

  2. I love love love love that lo....those flowers and that journaling are AWESOME!! And loving your discoveries!! And ummmmmmmmmmmmm lol lol lol....I would rather watch the twilight movies by myself as the teenagers around me are KILLING me!! Does that make me old??? LOL!! Noooooooooooooooo....I didn't like teenagers when I was one either! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Just a wonderfully great LO and the journaling is excellent!
    Hugs, RobinJ

  4. great lo - love that your dh doesn't want you to be too nice :D

  5. Your work is always soooooooo beautiful Amy! The colors and clean style are so appealing! :D

    I love the journaling and your interpretation of the word discovery. Beautiful! :)