Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Candy Shoppe Designs Reveal - Cupids Arrow

The new Challenge is up at Candy Shoppe Designs. This challenge is for the single ladies ;) We were sent out on a mission by the lead Lollipop girl Lynnette to find some of Cupids arrows just for you and use them on a LO. Now that our mission is complete we are hoping you can use these arrows for inspiration!! The challenge is going on now through Feb 14th, so plenty of time to get your project in for a chance to win a fabulous piece of Blog Candy!

I found an arrow!!! This LO is all about my DD Kyrsten and her new found 'love' at school. Mind you she is only 5 years old, but could you not love a boy when he tells you this:
"Tomax says I'm beautiful and he wants to marry me when we get all big and stuff like mommies and daddies. He's gonna be an Army man like daddies are and we are going to live happily ever after."
It just melted my mommy heart to hear that. All I could think about after her telling me this was the Reba Mcentire song 'She's in love with the boy' which I used as my title!

Oh, and I would like to introduce you to a wonderful new sketch artist I have recently discovered. She made this exclusive sketch just for me to use (although she did say that if anyone else wanted to use it that would be ok too) She is a wonderful person, about 50lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes...ok, ok, it's my daughter ;) She has decided that since I love sketches so much she would create some for me, and I think that is a brilliant idea!

So here you have it, Kayla's very first sketch:



  1. Thanks for the comment on my Book of doom layout! This layout you postes is so cute! I love the little blue smiley guy!

  2. That is so sweet :) and way to go Kayla on your first sketch :)

  3. Love the bright, fun page! And cuddos Kayla!

  4. Hi Amy! *waving* Holy Moly, what a creative mama you are! This is really gorgeous stuff. Your kiddos are precious, and your scrapbooking is inspiring! If I'm not too intimidated, I'll try to stop back by more often ;)