Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you up for a real life challenge?

My friend Pamela aka: EssenseVibez is hosting a really awesome challenge on her blog here.

She is challenging us to 'Photo your hours'. For instance, on a typical day, take your camera along with you and take one picture an hour to basically document your day. I think this sounds like fun and a great way to see your daily life activities, whether it be a walk, the grocery store, a stoplight - warning, this may be dangerous though ;) So please head on over and check it out. She's a sweetheart and welcomes new friends like I welcome double chocolate chip brownie ice cream....with love! Much love!

I will be posting my pictures as soon as I get this done! I hope you join us!!



  1. my dear sister, thank you for posting this--have fun!---remain blessed

  2. i can't wait to see your pics :D

  3. Love that idea...off to check her challenge out:-)

  4. Hi Amy Im Bethy. Im on Team Dirty at Dirty scraps and wanted to come by and say HI! Lovely blog!!

  5. Hi Amy just checking in to introduce myself since we will be working together at Dirty Scraps. Cant wait!