Saturday, July 3, 2010

Please Return to School - SFTIO Reveal #2

Hello beautiful Bloggers! Today I have another reveal using Scrapbooking From the Inside Out - July kit - COURAGE. I can't even express enough how much I loved this kit. It's full of vibrant colors with just enough softness to balance it all out. Which is the perfect combination! Did I mention that this kit is FULL of stars?! I love stars! With the focus of this month being courage I immediately thought about myself returning to school. This is by far one of the things in life that I needed courage to do.
At 18 I made the decision to give up a college scholarship to pursue being a stay at home mother and wife. It was an easy decision at the time, but now 10 years later I face the difficulty of starting all over. I am terrified of submerging myself into the unknown. At home I have everything perfected. There is nothing that I can't handle. I guess this is what scares me. The Unknown! What will happen? How will I do? WHAT will I do? I have no idea. I am still undecided. I do know though that I have finally built up the courage to embark on this journey. Now I just need to have the faith in myself to succeed. I have the ability. I have the heart. I have the strength. I CAN do it!
A little close up of the embellie cluster. I have a hard time NOT putting a little cluster on every LO! Look at the beautiful flowers that are included in the COURAGE kit. Yellow! I have had such a weakness lately for yellow flowers!

Here is the kit in it's entirety. Totally Drool worthy! You can order yours here! :)



  1. Beautiful layout... and gorgeous photo too!! I love all the journaling and I totally know what you mean too... being a mom is kind of all consuming, it's hard to even imagine doing anything else!!

  2. This kit looks amazing! I LOVE the colours in this LO! So soft!! That cluster is amazing! Good luck with the next step of school. It will be a challenge with being a mom and all the responsibilities that go along with motherhood. Maybe start really slow and enroll in just one course. I guess that half the struggle is trying to figure out the career path too. My girls have both struggled with this choice and were thrilled when they finally made the decision. (HR and Insurance) The only advice I can pass along from their journey is to choose schooling where you have a clear vision of what the job is at the end. Mind you these courses are not usually the fun ones! Sometimes it is just fun to waste time on Art History!! You will succeed in whatever choices you make!! You are a strong woman!! :)

  3. This is GORGEOUS Amy!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that photo of you and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the colors...and the journaling....*swoon* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. beautiful lo - so glad you made that decision :D

  5. Duh, you work is ALWAYS rocking!!! I love your cluster of goodies. I want to try that! :)

    Starting back up school sounds tough, but don't let that thought keep you from it. If you have a drive to mentally stimulate yourself, GO FOR IT! I waited 5 years after graduation and I started to just want college courses soo badly... I felt like I was getting dumber by NOT going actually. :)

    My advice as far as school goes, is start out half time or so (2 or 3 classes) instead of full on full-time (4-6 classes)... at least for the first semester back, so you can "get your feet wet" and feel out what you can handle in your daily schedule without putting school second.

    I seriously LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE(!!!!!) school and all the insight I gain from it. This is my third semester now (I'm taking condensed Summer classes). I'm currently going for 9 or so credits a semester (about 3 classes) and I plan on attending each of the 4, year round, semesters so that I can be finished with my 2-year degree by next Summer... then off to a 4 year program... followed by Masters program. YIKES!! Lots of school in my future.. but I eat this stuff up! :D

    Jump right on the college train!!! :)

  6. Love your layout!!!! I can relate to your need of courage....I am also trying to decide if school is the next step for me:-) Good luck whatever you decide, you will succeed!