Thursday, July 2, 2009

A LO, A New Camera, And a place for your Kid to Scrap!

Hello Beautiful People! I hope you are all having a wonderful week thus far! It's Thursday, you know what that means.....the weekend is SO close! My daughter has been out of school now for almost 2 weeks, 2 very long weeks and she is going stir crazy so what's a mother to do? I found her a scrapbook challenge blog for kids is what I did :-) Yep, that's right!! I came across an amazing challenge blog just for children called Kids can Scrap. It is ran by a mother/daughter duo and they post one challenge a month to get your childs creative little mind a'thinking! So if you have children that share your passion for creating then you should check out Kids can Scrap!

Kids Can Scrap

Last night I recieved a belated birthday present. My Husband is amazing! I guess he actually WAS listening to me all those times when I mentioned wanting this:

A Nikon Coolpix P80 a huge upgrade from what I have now! I can not wait to start taking pics with this baby! I am uber excited :-)

He also brought me this:

An Iced Vanilla Chai Tea Latte - My all time favorite (obsession) drink and an easy way into my heart.

My newest LO is the outcome of a challenge over at the Gutter Girlz blog. They recently posted Prompt # 26 It's all about me. The song: Carly Simon "You're so Vain" and the product is foil. Carly Simon just rocks! Who hasn't rocked out to "You're so Vain" at some point in their life? I have that song permanently engraved in my ipod :-) Now the foil was fun. I actually took out my cricut for this LO! I have only used that thing maybe 5 times ever, but I used it to cut my aluminum foil to create my flower! And those poor prima vines....I ripped off the flowers and spray painted them silver....but they were asking for it ;-)

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I am getting back to my more cheery scrapping today :-) I was just working on my About me book and my styles are completely different when it comes to myself and my children! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Oh, and keep a watch's geting closer to the time when I can share my great news :-) Yay!!

PeaceOut - ScrapOn - LoveAlways

Amy Oxford


  1. AMY...I have that camera and I love it! Happy Birthday girl.

  2. WOW! LOVE the new camera, looks like you have yourself a great man there!
    You're avatar looks so familiar to I know you from somewhere other than JuJuBee's? Maybe The first time I saw your avatar, I thought I recognized your pretty little face:)

  3. wow, the present was .....Happy belated b'day!!
    love ur new lo.the flower, amazing how u did it.the it...