Friday, November 20, 2009

Dotty Divas Blog Dive & DT Reveal!

Blog Dive is below :-)

This month's challenge at Dotty Divas has been a lot of fun for me. We had the privilege of having Magic Mesh sponsor the DT this month. Thank you Magic Mesh. I loved working with your product! And we had a very colorful Advert to work with. Have you had a chance to check out the Dotty Divas blog yet? You really should, we always have some of the most amazing Sponsors that want to give you prizes for your beautiful creations!

Check out the Ad for the month:
And here is my take on the Advert. I took inspiration from the colors mainly and the fabulous Magic mesh!! I wanted to use as much mesh as I could so I created this entire bg out of it, plus added it to my title, arrow, and put little accents of torn mesh here and there! I just love how this LO turned out! Of course how could I not....have you seen that little cutie in the picture?!

Guess what today is? Yep, it the beginning of the Dotty Divas Blog Dive! How exciting, huh?! I would first off like to say Welcome! If you haven't already you should go check out the Dotty Diva's blog and start there. That way you have more chances at winning some great prizes :-) And who doesn't love winning a prize every now and then!

All you have to do to be in my drawing for the prize below is answer this one question :-)

What makes you a diva?

I want to hear all about it so spill those beans!
Then head on over to my dear friend
Emma's blog for a chance to win yet another prize. She's waiting for you!



Blog Dive ends MONDAY night at midnight so you have until then to get in on this Drawing!



  1. Love the bold colors on your LO!

    What makes me a diva? I'm always right! LOL!

  2. well i sing sprano so i suppose i could be a singing diva....tralalalalalal!!!!!
    Jo xxx

  3. What makes me a diva? Getting my way! *grins*

  4. WHAT MAKES ME A DIVA? BEING A DIVA ON color combos dt(lol)

  5. What makes me a diva? The fact that if I don't get my alone time every week I whine and complain until I DO get it. ;)

  6. What a cute and fun l/o! Um,, honestly, I am a SAHM to two little ones and prettyfar from being a Diva! lol...

  7. Well, that's why I am a diva....SAHM's are divas of the house, the taxi (I mean car), and the scheduling....I am the biggest schedule diva ;)

  8. I'm definitely a DIVA at work- always having to get the guys to do some work! Women are NOT the biggest gossips and time-wasters around, men are!

  9. Love your layout! Love the colors and the design.

    What makes me a diva???? IM VERY PERSUASIVE

  10. what makes me a diva? well being able to do lots of things! A very busy career as a doctor,fulltime mom to two kids and still being able to find time to scrap definitely makes me a diva!

    Love your LO amy!such an adorable baby too!

  11. I love what you've done with the mesh,it's amazing! Your RAK looks wonderful, too.

  12. love your layout!
    what makes me a diva? I hardly leave the house without lipstick and earrings! LOL!

  13. Cool LO!

    What makes me DIVA? Well my husband makes me feel that i'm the divaof his dreams! lol

  14. Me a diva? Only in my dreams. LoL. Love your layout, Amy, that mesh is fabulous.

  15. a diva? I love scrapping and have my own scrap room!!
    But i'm not a diva, honest!!
    n xx

  16. what makes me a diva? aren't all moms a diva to their kids?

    I am a diva to my son and hubby and I'm happy about it!!!

  17. love that magic mesh goodness!

    i'm a diva because i hate to wait for anything :D

  18. A diva, what moi!! I am very demanding and want it all now, so I guess I am a little!
    Love the layout, so gorgeous!

  19. Love the colors of your layout. Nice take.

    What makes me a Diva? Whenever I'm singing using my magic sing karaoke! I just feel like one hot Diva!LOL!!

  20. I always get my girl time to do whatever I want and my hubby never complains. What a good hubby.