Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MOSD - Nov project Reveal - Expression Word Book

Hello lovelies! I am here today to share with you my project for MOSD! This project means the world to me and I will tell you why. A few of the ladies on the MOSD DT have decided to focus on a '10 things' theme this month. I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with this theme and was talking it over with my husband on the phone one evening. We went over several ideas and in the end I was still undecided. The next morning I woke up to an email from the DH titled '10 things I love about Amy'.... I was so over the moon at his thoughtfulness and decided that his list would become the subject for this month's project!
So here it is, my album, 10 things he loves About Me:

The base of the album is an MOSD Expression Word Book with custom Stick Ons to go on the edges. I love how the stick Ons give the letters such beautiful definition.
12 years ago we found each other and have been going strong since! He too was my first love.

We compliment each other very well. He is strong in places where I am weak and vica-vera. It's rather corney to say but this man completes me and without him I would be lost!

Our children are our everything. He loves me because I 'gave' them to him, but babe it was a combined effort. So thank you for 'giving' me our 3 beautiful children as well!

He thinks it's cheesy scrapbook things, but totally supports my hobby. We believe that hobbies are extreamly important in life. They allow us to have an outlet, which everyone needs.

Yes, I complain!! That is a downfall that I have and I am working on it. But it makes me feel better that he loves that about me!

My husband is terrible about remembering special dates. I am constantly reminding him of his own families birthdays and whatnots. He blames it on old age, I blame it on the fact that he works so hard and has to remember so many important things for his job that sometimes the little things get put into the back of his mind. And I don't mind reminding him!

It's true, sometimes he thinks it's silly that I love the little things in life. But to me all those little things add up into bigger things and that's what makes life so special. Like him taking the time to write me this list, to him it was a little thing to do, but to me this little thing means the world!

Kids are the sweetest when they sleep, that's why I love to watch them. No matter how rotten they are during the day when you watch a child sleep they are all little angels. What my DH doesn't know is that I love to watch him sleep as well. It's a peaceful time for me and it reminds me of the love I have for these special people in my life.
Boy does my husband have some hobbies!! He loves to build things, tinker with the cars (even though they don't need tinkering). His recent project was building a Harley from scratch. He did such an amazing job. What he doesn't realize is that I adore his hobbies, it's a bonding time for us. My scrap room is the room that leads into the garage where he works. So we prop open the door and chat while we are both creating.

I feel the same way about him. But I suppose WE make our family complete together. I added the little Maya Road envelope to this page to hold a copy of his email. Thank you Travis for writing this for me and giving me he inspiration for this Album. I love you babe!


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  1. Oh, you know what I LOVE about this? How you made all the lettering stand out by outlining in black. I can't tell you how awesome that looks. Love this!