Friday, May 28, 2010

Freebie Friday - Ticket Master, Journal What?!

I SO so tried to come up with something clever for the title of this post, but my mind is slacking! I am off to bed (it's 4am - ouch), but wanted to post these before my head hits that beautiful soft pillow and I drift off into Never Never Land. Hope you enjoy this Freebie Friday. If anyone has any suggestions/requests let me know and I will try my hardest to get er' done! Awesomeness....night ya'll!

If you want to use these then follow these steps:
1.) Click on picture (this will bring it up in a new screen and larger)
2.) Right click and save
3.) Print out on cardstock.
**Recently I printed out on matte picture paper. It added a slight shine that looked pretty cool.
**You can print these out smaller, I create them larger for more options.
4.) Have fun

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Serenity - Dirty Scraps Challenge #10

Challenge #10 is now up at Dirty Scraps and we are finding our inner peace with this one. You are being asked to create a LO based on Serenity. The one place you go to that you find YOUR sense of Serenity. Whether it be your scraproom, your big comfy bed at the end of a long stressful day, or your Mother's kitchen table talking over a glass of hot cocoa. Just scrap it and why it makes you feel serene.

My Serenity is my Mommy Chair. I took a picture of my chair and then added it to a picture of a field of flowers. When I was growing up I remember being happiest playing in fields of wild flowers in our backyard. The combination of my chair and flowers puts me at peace, as this is how I feel when I am sitting in my chair. Journaling:
Mom’s Chair. A very Special chair. One might look at it and see just a simple piece of furniture, but to me it is so much more. I look at this chair and I see happiness. Happiness from the past, present, and future. I see all 3 of my children late at night snuggled up to me as I rock them to sleep, as I sing them silly songs that only a mother can sing. I see me reading ‘The Cat in the Hat’ just one more time, over and over. This chair has had another life other than the one my family has given it. It was handed down to me by my dear cousin Jenny, who used it to rock her own 2 babies to sleep. This rocking chair is history, it is love. Once a light oak color, but sanded and refinished by my husbands own two hands just to make me happy. Now that my babies are older this chair sits perfectly placed on my front porch. I sit in it and watch my children play. I sit in it late at night, enjoying the fresh air while having endless talks with my husband about anything and everything ever imaginable. This chair to me is so important. It’s the one place where I can go and everything else fades away and all I see is a state of calm. It’s my serenity. My peace. My happiness. My memories all combined into a piece of wood. A very important, always loving, piece of beautiful rocking chair wood.

This challenge is being sponsored by the Wonderful:

So head on over to Dirty Scraps and show us your place of serenity for a chance at winning a sweet little packet of Bella BLVD goodness! I can't wait to see what you create!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lollipop Girl Flowers - CSD Reveal

The new challenge is now up at Candy Shoppe Designs. The theme is 'April Showers bring May flowers'. You are being asked to incorporate Lollipop girl Flowers into your creations in any way you choose. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination, and create something that is beautiful to you!

Princess Kyrsten just celebrated her 6th birthday exactly one week ago, and I HAD to create a LO about it! It was a BIG deal to her to turn 6 years old. When I asked her what she wanted her LO to look like she told me she wanted all the colors of the rainbow. I ran with that idea and played with colors...lots of colors! Broke out the paints, the sewing machine, and even my cricut! The end result screams Kyrsten to me!

Now, Lynnette has changes things up on the CSD blog. We are going to one challenge a week, so that DOUBLES your chances at the prize!! The prize up for grabs is a Magpie Club kit that is truly stunning. So head on over to the CSD blog, link up your new Lollipop creation, and be in the running to win this:

I hope to see all your beautiful creations incorporating Lollipop Girl Flowers! I know you all will rock this challenge!


Amazing news to share :)

Yesterday I received a wonderful phone call from Rachel Kaufman, owner of Scrapbooking From the Inside Out. She was calling to tell me that I made the team!!! I am beyond excited to join this team of extremely talented ladies, and look forward to working with them in a journey of scrap therapy! Scrapbooking From the Inside Outs motto is: Scrapbooking your emotional life - using color, design, and journaling to create pages and projects that explore your inner world.
How exciting! I have seriously been jumping up and down in excitement since yesterday morning. If you saw me you would shake your head, roll your eyes, and think I was seriously crazy! But I'm OK with that ;)

But that's not the only reason yesterday was an amazing day.
*Travis received news that our orders to Germany are now cancelled.
*We are staying stateside!
*Kyrsten got her first loose tooth!
*Situations we have been having with a bully at school are now resolved.
*Koen put me on his list of top 3 things he loves. Mommy, cupcakes, and cars.
*I got a NAP!

It has been a good few days in the life of the Oxfords. I want to thank you all for your love and support you have shown me. You make my days brighter and give me reasons to smile too! I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend full of Scrappy goodness and much love!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Freebie Friday - Know your Signs

It's Friday....Freebie Friday to be exact. I don't know about you guys, but I am having so much fun playing with these. Seriously!! I was asked last Friday what program I use. Well, I use Microsoft Office PowerPoint....mainly because I really have no patience to sit and teach myself how to operate my Photoshop :) I should add that to my goals of things to do though! Today's freebie is a mixture of journaling spots and other do-dads. I was in my DH's garage and got Street Sign inspired. We collect them and have them hanging ALL over the garage...mans things up, ya know?! I hope you enjoy!!
Look Color :)

If you want to use these follow these steps:
1.) Click on picture (this will bring it up in a new screen and larger)
2.) Right click and save
3.) Print out on cardstock.
**Recently I printed out on matte picture paper. It added a slight shine that looked pretty cool.
**You can print these out smaller, I create them larger for more options.
4.) Have fun

Oh, and I created a new sketch! Sketches make me happy!
I will be back soon with some actual Scrappy Projects! I know I haven't posted much work recently, but I have been creating, I promise. I just can't share yet :( Well anyways, Happy Friday and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL sunshine filled weekend!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 new Candy Shoppe Designs Kits & 2 Awards :)

WOW, Lynnette has posted 2, yes 2, new kits for sale on the Candy Shoppe Designs blog. They are so sweet, let me tell ya! This first one is titled 'Snap Crackle Pop' after a kit created with me and my love for gnomes in it! Thank you Lynnette! Do you love gnomes and awesomeness?! Yes? Then you need to head on over to CSD and snag one of these kits for yourself. Seriously, you won't be sorry. CSD kits are amazing!!

Next up is the new Lollipop Girl kit. Fun sweet colors that are bound to make your scrapping just a little bit sweeter! Check out those colors - fabulous, right?! They have me drooling. I love bright colors and this kit doesn't disappoint! It's also for sale over at the CSD blog.

Over the past few days I have received a few awards! OMGoodness...Thank you ladies! I feel so loved :)

The first is the Sunshine award that
Lynnette gave me. She says I brighten her day a bit...blush blush warm fuzzies. Seriously, she rocks! And SHE brightens MY day too!! The rules are to pass this along to 12 other bloggers that brighten my day as well.
The second award comes from a total sweetheart, Darlene. It's the 'You're going places, baby' award. I'll tell ya where I should be going is bed, but aah....blogging is so much more fun! lol Thank You Darlene for always being one of the sweetest girlies ever! The rules of this award are simple. I need to tell you all where I see myself in 10 years and pass it along to 10 awesome here goes:
In 10 years I see myself still married to my DH, putting kids through college, still scrapbooking, finalizing the plans for our house we are building. (We can't really build one now because we would never get to live in it due to moving every few years!!) There is so much I would like to see in my life in 10 years from now, but I will focus on the most important ones for now :)
Now to pass these bad boys on to other awesome ladies. I am combining the 2 awards and giving them to:
7.) Teri
8.) Crista
9.) Kat
10.) KateB
11.) Betsy
12.) AshleyB
Thank you ladies for adding a little sunshine into my life and for being awesome!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

MOSD - Build a Book turned Shadow Box

Hello fellow bloggers and awesome people of crafty land. It's my day to post on the MOSD blog and I have created a fun little project to share. I love MOSD perfectly shaped Build a Book pages, there is so much that you can do with them. Like today's project! Can you believe those are chipboard book pages turned shadowbox?!

To create the shadow box I used 2 Perfectly Shaped - mini scallop pages for the front and back. I covered the front with paper using a spray adhesive and cut a 4in square out of the middle. I simply painted the back mini scallop page with black acrylic paint. To get depth in the shadow box I used a Perfectly Shaped - Pudgy Rectangle cut into 1in strips and hot glued them between the front and back. So easy, and it turned out so cute!

Once I had the initial frame of the box built it was time to embellish it. I started out with the idea of using the MOSD Picto Gram Cement Truck stick on and built my box around that. I used some of new favorite young boy papers and embellies, Sassafras Apple Jack. It goes so well with my little printable robot tag that you can snag here, and the polymer clay embellies I made. Tutorial here.

Here is a side view to give you an idea of the depth of the box. What I love most about this shadowbox is how well it represents my son. I now have it hanging in his bedroom and I am sure it's something that I will treasure for a long time!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Freebie Friday - Journal This

Welcome to Freebie Friday here at my bloggity blog. Today I have some more journaling spots for you , no real theme this week though. I was just messing around and having fun. Well, honestly, that's always the case with's all about playing around! I just thought I would include you all in my experiments now....muwahahaha

If you want to use these follow these steps:
1.) Click on picture (this will bring it up in a new screen and larger)
2.) Right click and save
3.) Print out on cardstock.
**Recently I printed out on matte picture paper. It added a slight shine that looked pretty cool.
**You can print these out smaller, I create them larger for more options.
4.) Have fun

**Side note** I just bought some awesome coloring pencils from EK Success, and I have been coloring the journaling spots. I like b&w because it leaves an endless amount of possibilities, but I promise I will start creating more with color :)


Monday, May 10, 2010

Want to win some Blue Moon Goodness?

My girl Lynnette is having one awesome giveaway on her blog right now. She has teamed up with Blue Moon Srapbooking and is hosting an American Crafts giveaway to one lucky winner. Head on over to her blog between May 8th -29th for details on how you can win this:

If you haven't checked out Blue Moon Scrapbooking yet then you should head on over to their store. This is my new favorite place to order from. The most AWESOME customer service ever....seriously! And free shipping on all orders over $50. Doesn't get much better than that!


Scalloped Punch Flower Tutorial

Hello beautiful bloggers! Today I have a new tutorial for you. This one is so so easy, but the flowers are gorgeous when done! I have done this one a bit different. Instead of posting a zillion pictures, I have combined them into just 2 easy to follow pics! Let's get started, shall we?!

1. Supplies needed: Scalloped Punch 1.5 inch. Hole punch. Brads. Paper.
*I used book paper. Thinner papers seem to work better.
2. Punch out 8 scalloped circles. You can use more or less, but this is the amount that I felt looked best. It all depends on the thickness of your papers though.
3. Use your hole punch and punch a hole through the very center of all 8 scallops.
4. Secure your brad through the center of all 8 scallops where you punched the holes.
5. Start by taking the very first layer and fold & pinch it up around the brad.
6. Continue doing this step with all 8 layers building and shaping your scallops so they are pleasing to the eye!
7. This is the finished little scalloped flower. They are so cute, so fast, and so...CHEAP! lol
8. A variation of the flower. On this one all I did was use Smooch in Siren. I simply smooched the edges before adding the brad. Adds a little more definition.
9. Another variation. On this one I used pink liquid chalk and faded it from pink to white to give the flower more depth.

Here is a little example of different flowers I was playing around with using this technique. I used brown paper bags, book pages, cardstock, and even an old pattern. I inked them, chalked them, glittered them, and misted them. There are so many awesome ways to customize these flowers however your heart chooses....and did I mention that they are cheap....and cute! My favorite combination ;)


Friday, May 7, 2010

The Domino Effect - Candy Shoppe Designs

Candy Shoppe Designs newest challenge is now live and waiting for you to play along! This week we are focused on Games. Thus titled The Domino Effect. You are being asked to incorporate a game piece into your creation in any way you wish. There are so many pieces to choose from, so this should be fun! Try a bingo card, a domino, a playing card. If you are looking for inspiration then make sure to check out what the Lollipop girls have created for you on the CSD blog! And we have a guest Designer this week who has created one awesome tutorial. Check it out here.

You love playing games, right? In our family we have family game night ever Sunday. It's the perfect way to spend some quality family time and have some fun while purposely trying to loose so that our children can win...yep, that's how we do it in the Oxford house hold. Game nights are for the kids, not us parents! lol But Momma Oxford decided that since I can't win the games, I might as well wear them! For this Challenge I decided to create a Game Piece Necklace using scrapbook supplies and game pieces (of course). I love funky jewelry, the weirder the better. So I plan on rockin' this necklace and enduring all the weird looks from on goers! Believe it or not a lot of planning went into the elements on this necklace. May be cheesy to some, but it's love for me ;)

*Scrabble O- Oxford
*Emerald chandelier- Irish is awesome
*Crafty Melissa Frances paperclip- because being crafty is cool
*5 dice- There are 5 Oxford peeps
*Monopoly house- Represents our home
*Monopoly Thimble- I love to sew
*K charm- For my 3KO's. K is my favorite letter ever
*Key- Key to my diary from when I was younger, so represents memories to me
*Bingo marker- Next month I will be 28

**The frame was a pink metal frame (I think Making Memories from back in the day) that I painted black then glued a Jenni Bowlin mini bingo card into. The little Monopoly man I printed offline and placed into a vintage frame. I then used crackle accents to give him more of a finished look**

Come on over to Candy Shoppe Designs and show us that you've got game! I would love to see what you create!

Remember the Awesome prize up for grabs? No, ok I will tell you all about it :) Magpie Club is offering up a beautiful kit to the winner. Magpie Club is a pretty snazzy little kit club that not only has some beautiful kits, but they offer a Credit crunch kit (12.50) for those that love kits, but don't love spending a bazillion dollars on them. For a chance to win the below kit all you have to do is head on over to CSD and play along in the fun!


Freebie Friday - Let's talk about boys

Welcome to my first Freebie Friday! I am pretty excited about this day!! I was recently asked to create some boy-ish journaling tags, so here we are, 6 boy-a-licious (at least I think so) tags and whatnots. Check out my little robot...I love this little guy. I think he deserves a name, and a girlfriend!

If you want to use these follow these steps:
1.) Click on picture (this will bring it up in a new screen and larger)
2.) Right click and save
3.) Print out on cardstock.
**Recently I printed out on matte picture paper. It added a slight shine that looked pretty cool.
**You can print these out smaller, I create them larger for more options.
4.) Have fun


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I did on NSD

One whole LO, that's right. ONE! I played along with, which I have for the past 3 years, and it was a whole lot of fun. Those ladies know who to rock out some major awesome LO'! Although I would love to say I was right along with them in their speed, I was not. I am not that slow of a scrapper, but I typically scrap at night, after the babies are in bed. I am ashamed to say that it took me like 6 hours to do this simple LO, seriously! The challenge was to scrap a LO depicting why you scrapbook. What are the reasons? When I first read the challenge I immedietly thought about my blog header and blog name. Those are the reasons I scrap... my family and all the pieces that make us who we are. So this is what my LO was about. I used some of my hoarded Sassafrass. I buy that stuff like it's candy, and never use it because it's too yummy looking! And...I actually used my cricut. I hardly ever use that thing for a LO! Yay me.

I am excited that I won a little prize from I have no idea what it is, but I love scrappy stuff! How about you, did you win anything Scrappylicious on National Scrapbook Day?


Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm a Military Wife - hear me roar!

Hello bloggy friends. I have recently come across a blog dedicated to the every day inner workings of a Military Spouse. Well, they are currently holding a little blog hop at Riding the Roller Coaster to get to know other Military spouses. I thought this was a cool concept as we can never have too many friends that share some of the same experiences. I know that my blog is typically dedicated to my Scrapbooking passion, but I wanted to share another piece of me...The Military Wife.

Hello, My name is Amy. I am a Military wife. This above all other things has the most impact on my life. The military decides where we live, when the family gets to have Big Daddy around, and most importantly builds a stronger bond in our family life. It has been the reason for the love and strength that holds us together. I am 27 years old and have known this life since I married my High school sweetheart at the ripe ole' age of 18. I knew my DH, and have been dating him since I was 15 years old. He has always been the man for me, and I would follow him to the ends of the world and back again, just to hold his hand. We have 3 amazing children; Kayla 10, Kyrsten 5, and Koen 2. They are our 3KO's, and life with them is truly amazing. My husband is currently on deployment #3. This by far has been the hardest deployment we have faced. Words can not describe the reality of this one. We have lost a LOT of good men, and I live for those phone calls. I wait for those phone calls anxiously, just to hear his voice. Just to know that my soldier, our Big Daddy, is safe for one more day. I know a lot of people think it's silly to live your life for a man, but when he is THE man for you, then you live your life together. We do the best we can, and we are happy with that. Where will the Military take us next? That I am not sure of, but one things for certain, it will be an adventure. One that I will treasure.

OK, I know that was supposed to be a short introductory, but I could seriously go on forever... I am so excited to be participating in this MilSpouse blog hop and hope to meet many other ladies that wear the same shoes as I do.

OK, OK, you didn't really think I could post without something Scrappy, did you?! Today I have a new sketch to share. I am really having fun creating these. If you use it please let me know! I would LOVE to see :)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Challenge 21 - Candy Shoppe Designs

It's the 1st of the month! You know what that means right?! The new challenge is now up at Candy Shoppe Designs. This challenge is based on 'Twenty One'. Take what you want from that and go with it. I know you must be thinking 21 is an odd challenge, huh? Well, it just so happens that this is CSD's 21'st challenge. Seems fitting. Sounds fun. So sweet.

For this challenge I created a LO based on 21 things I WILL do, things I will accomplish. Not so much a bucket list, but a set of goals for the near future.

1. Research family genealogy 2. Learn a new Language 3. Give back 4. Turn my passion into a career 5. Drink a green beer in Ireland 6. Run in a marathon 7. Build dream home 8. Finish College 9. Find and get to know my sister 10. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon 11. Explore Paris 12. Be emotionally Generous 13. Try new things willingly 14. Swim in the Ocean 15. Watch my children grow 16. Rediscover myself with God 17. Write a random book 18. Bury a time capsule 19. Learn how to garden 20. Let go, forgive, and love more 21. Motorcycle road trip

Oh boy does CSD have a treat for you. May's sponsor is Magpie Club. Magpie is a kit club that puts together some amazing kits...seriously these precious little gems sparkle! Below is the kit that is being given away over at CSD....But, you have to be in it to win it ;)

Go on over and check out Magpie won't be disappointed!
(click on logo below)


Bloggiversary Winner

Good Morning fellow bloggers! Today is truly a fun day for us Scrappers, don't cha think?! A day dedicated to one passion that we all share in common - Scrapbooking! I just want to wish you all a wonderful Happy NSBD. I hope you all have lots of fun things planned to celebrate :) I'm still not quite sure what on earth I will do, but I can guarantee you I will celebrate in some size, shape, or form! Speaking of celebrating, I would like to thank YOU all for helping me make my Bloggiversary a huge success. I can't believe how many ladies played along! I would also like to send a huge hug and thanks to Lynnette Davis and Candy Shoppe Designs for the amazing kit she put together Special just for you. She's such a sweetheart! If you like all things sweet then you should definitely check out Candy Shoppe Designs....rockin' I tell ya!

I know, I know, you all want to know who the winner is of The Sweet Emporium kit don't you?! chose #14
So a huge congratulations to:
Darlene please shoot me an email with your contact info to I will give it to Lynnette, and we will get your kit out to you asap!

&& I want to thank you all for the lovely response to my journaling spots! You all made my week...seriously! I am now going to be posting a Freebie Friday every week! If you have anything in particular that you are looking for just let me know and I will see what I can do for ya!
**Ilene - I will see what I can do for some little man journaling spots :)

I will be back in a bit with a new challenge reveal. Yay!