Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kayla loves Enemy Pie

I have a little bragging to do today and it's not Scrapbook related - it's daughter related! Kayla had asked me to look up one of her new favorite authors, Derek Munson, online and I just got around to doing it today (I know bad mom). I just happened to run across his blog and I found a post he had recently made about his visit to my daughters school. To my suprise he had posted the card Kayla had made for him and few words about her. It literally brought tears to my eyes because I know how excited she was to meet this man and how very hard she worked creating him that card. She has even put his book Enemy Pie on her Christmas list. I know a bit odd, but Kayla always asks for books as opposed to toys. She's one smart little cookie, my Kayla.

To check out the post he made please go here and leave some love :-)



  1. that is soooo awesome - love that she loves books more than toys :D

  2. Amy, that is awesome! Kayla did a fantastic job on the card and I think it's pretty cool that she loves books so much!

  3. Derek Munson will be on blog tour Nov. 1-7, 2009. Please contact me if you would be interested in interviewing him.