Thursday, September 17, 2009

Growth Chart - Sept. MOSD Project

Hello Beautiful People! It's MOSD time :-) I love this time of the month....when I get to share something that I just love!! I am so excited about this project as it was inspired by my son. I was just looking at him and reminiscing about the days when he truly was a little baby...and man, has he grown!!! So that made me want to create my little one his very own growth chart and MOSD has SO many fabulous products that made this project just come to life!


For this growth chart I used various wonderful MOSD products. For the base of the entire chart I used the Clearly Designed Flipped Out Acrylic Album, using only the inner pages and back cover. I trimmed down the back cover to be the same size as the inner pages so I would have 5 uniform acrylic panels.

I then started to decorate! I used Basic Grey ‘Lime Rickey’ collection because it blended so well with the fabulous MOSD 1-2-3 Intricacy that I used to back a few of my acrylic pages. To adhere the papers to the acrylic I simply used Mod Podge!

One of my favorite things that I used on this Growth chart was the MOSD Toddler Boy Edger. I cut it apart so I had multiple little vehicles to play around with and added details with a pen. Easy and fun and Oh so CUTE!!

Then there are the Oh SO fabulous MOSD Binding Rings that hold this bad boy together. I chose to use clear to keep in theme with the Acrylic! If you do not have any of these binding rings then they are definately a MUST have item! Simple and easy to use and just wonderful!!

As you can probably tell my DS loves cars or as he calls them 'carsh'. And I just love it when I get to combine a passion of someone I love with that of my own! As sad as I get that my little man is growing up I will always have little things like this to remember his 'younger' years! Which is, afterall, The main reason I scrapbook!

This was my first time working with Acrylic and I absolutely loved it!
I am now a believer :-)
I hope you all make your way over and check out all that Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs has to offer. It truly is an amazing company and I just love working with their product! Make sure to check back next month to see what I have in's sure to be BOO-tiful!




  1. I really love what you've done! This is awesome.

  2. I absolutely love it!!! I just may have to scrap lift the idea

  3. Precious. Precious. Precious! Love your work!