Friday, April 16, 2010

April MOSD reveal - Us in 2010 - Build a Book

Hello bloggy friends! Today is my day to post on the Midnight Oil Scrapbook Design blog, and I am so excited to share with you my project. I, like most people, am so happy that it's finally spring. This warmer weather makes me want to sing and dance and spend all day rolling in the fresh cut grass (if only I wasn't allergic to the stuff...humph). To celebrate I wanted to create something bright and fun that represented my family. So....Sassafras meet MOSD! I decided that a mini book would be the perfect project. This mini book was created using 6 Build a Book Concave pages. What I like about these pages is the fact that they are so sturdy and they don't come with the holes pre-punched. That way you can choose where you want the bindings to be! How awesome is that?! The concave shape is quite unique. It definitely captures your attention!

For this mini book I focused on my family and who we were in the year 2010. We haven't filled out the pages yet, but we will get to that! I think it will be fun to look back at this book in the years to come and see how much we have all changed! As always I used MOSD Spiral binding rings in black to hold my mini album together. I really can't say enough about these, they make life so easy!

This is Big-daddy's page. I had so much fun dressing these little Maya Road dolls to fit each of our personalities. Daddy is wearing his Army uniform with custom dog tags. I even gave him a wedding ring ;)

This is me, mom, mommy, Amy. I am wearing my favorite leather jacket, and little Doc Martens. And of course a pretty little rhinestone diamond ring! OK, OK, I admit, I really thought the rings were adorable!

Kayla. She helped design her outfit. If you couldn't tell she really loves leopard print, black and pink right now! And the little tulle peeking out of her skirt is something she also loves in real life!

Kyrsten is 5, she loves sparkles and pretty dresses. I don't know how well you can see it in the picture, but she is wearing a pair of black glitter ballet flats :) These are her 'I have to have those or I'm going to die shoes'

And last but not least here is Koen, my wonderful little man. He is starting to get himself dressed at 2 years old, and he always picks out Khakis and a t-shirt. He is also really into Motorcycles right now, so I thought his outfit was perfect!

Well there you have it, my 'Us in 2010' mini album. I really had SO much fun working on this one, I think it's going to be a yearly project. Thanks to MOSD Build a Book pages I can create a custom album every year! Thank for stopping in today to check out what I have been up to.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather! And hey, maybe you can roll in the grass for me :)



  1. This is so AMAZING Amy! I love all the CUTE outfits on the members of your family!!! You are so creative!!!

  2. those are such fantastic outfits - awesome mini :D

  3. really great mini!! such a fun idea!! I looove how you dressed the little people in your real life fav outfits... too cute!! :)

  4. Amy, this is sooo cute. What a fun project dressing all the people! This turned out terrific!! :) Love the vibrant papers too. :)

  5. Too cute! Love the adorable little outfits!