Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A non-Scrappy related project!

Introducing Project Shovelhead! This is what has been keeping me from the Scrappy world the past few weeks, and is another passion that I have. A passion shared with my husband, something that we do together. Building Custom Harley's! This particular Harley we bought at a steal!! We plan on rebuilding it to our specific wants, needs, and desires. It's going to be the 'Daddy' bike, and yes, it does look a little sad right now, and needs a lot of work, but that's the fun part.

Here are the kids helping daddy wash the bike. They are such good little helpers!

Right before my DH left we finished up the 'Mommy' bike. Which was Project Sportster. This one is really special to me because:

a.) It's the first attempt at building something of this magnitude.

b.) He built it for me!

c.)It's friggin' beautiful

d.) These Harley's are our 10 year wedding anniversary presents to ourselves. When they are completed we plan on going on a road trip together, just the DH and I!

Here is my bike:

As you can probably tell, our preferred color for our vehicles is black. It's a problem, we need help. I would like to say we are working on this problem, but we aren't ;) I have been taking lots of pictures to document the process, and plan on creating a mini album or something along those lines just for the in the end this will be a Scrappy more ways that one :)



  1. that's great! i come from a harley family, so i can understand the love for them...have fun riding...maybe you can get up to sturgis one year :)

  2. thats awesome love amys dauhgter kayla

  3. Aww, thanks Kayla! Love you!!

    Kat, we are hoping to get to Sturgis one of these years. Probably when the kiddo's are a bit older though!

  4. Wow Amy!! You are quite the woman!! So brave!!! Geez, I don't even like driving my car!! Have fun with your projects and that will be so great for you guys to get away together! :)

  5. Super cool!!! What an awesome project for you and your hubby to share!!!

  6. thats sooo cool!! cant wait to see the cool scrappy projects you create with those motorcycle pics!! :)

  7. How fabulous!!!!
    We are taking a couple of road trips on the Harleys this year. August to Disneyland...I want to ride up the California coast. In May we are going to ride through the bridges of Madison county in Iowa(probably a little far for you to drive) lol!