Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #7 - Save the Drama for yo' Momma

There is a NEW challenge up at Dirty Scraps. It's team RAW's turn to post, so I don't have a LO to show, but the DT has come up with some amazing LO's to showcase the current challenge.
Check it out:

Challenge #7
Save the Drama for yo' Momma!

I struggle with this all the time, eliminating DRAMA from my life! If it's not one thing it's another, finding balance is key! So I challenge you this week to scrap a Dramatic Moment! Whether you are a drama mama and love it or you hate drama and just want it to go away, scrap a dramatic moment or scrap how you feel about drama! Make it your page and make it the way you want it! Scrap it dirty!!

Now I know that at one point or another in our lives we have all been bitten by the Drama bug. Lord knows that I have and survived, even though at the time I thought I was going to DIEEEEE. Why not Scrap about it? Get those feelings down on paper! Right now I could write a book on Drama. My DD has reached that age...the age where I would like to just lock her up in her room and throw away the key. Ok, ok, that's a bit harsh, but I swear at her age I NEVER acted like this. Of course my mother would tell you a different story. Kayla's a pre-teen. She wants to die her hair blue. I'm a mean mom because I tell her no. Any little look sets her off into emotional hysteria... She doesn't understand why at 10 years old she shouldn't have her own Itouch, her own laptop, her own car :) She's 10, go outside and jump rope!! But I guess that if this is as bad as the drama in my life gets, I will take it! It certainly makes life interesting at times.

Any who, this Challenge and all future challenges will be Sponsored with some fabulous prizes. All the little details are currently being worked out right now! So head on over and share your Drama with us! We would love to see what you bring to the table!!


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  1. LOL Gotta LOVE motherhood!!! Yeah, girls can be difficult. If I had a nickel for every time I heard, "But, It's not Fairrrrrrr." ;) Well, my DD's are 22 and 20 now and I survived it. Stay strong. They do eventually come around to liking us again. :)